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Relief From Pain
Kelly's deep massage techniques get right to the core of the tension in my body. As if her fingers had radar, they seek out the stress, find it, and push it out with a firm touch. The warm stones add another level of relaxation. Her manner, as well as the atmosphere in the room, are calming and soothing to the body and spirit. She is gifted in the art of healing.

Julie S.
Oct 25, 2014

Standing Straighter
Kelly is a phenomenal therapist. She has been a trusted adviser to my hamstring tendonosis recovery program. She makes recommendations and points out progress she sees over time. She is also very accommodating to my busy schedule. I highly recommend Kelly's services.

Margo K.
Oct 15, 2014

Kelly is very thorough in her application of a therapeutic massage. I found it to be very relaxing, invigorating and therapeutic. This was my second visit and I will surely be back. A visit to Heart of the Lotus is a great gift and would be well received.

Linda W.
Sep12, 2014

Have had many massages over the years but found Kelly Fox to be especially professional . Had a hyper extended knee that she was able to help substantially with hot/cold stone therapy .I'll be back for sure !

Aug 14, 2014

Relaxing and Rejuvenating
The massages I have received from Kelly have always been "better than the last one." I'm always amazed at how tense and stressed I really am. As she works my muscles, I know that in a day or so, they won't be as tight. I rave to all my friends about how awesome Kelly's massages are. I've been to a lot of therapist in my life, but now I'm done looking! God has gifted Kelly to bring healing and restoration to her clients....and I know personally that she draws her strength from the Lord!

Tiffany S.
Aug 12, 2014

Exceptional Experience
Kelly shines in her professionalism and concern for people. During my session, I learned new things to improve my total well-being,while relaxing in a comfortable environment. My massage was calming and tremendously beneficial to my tired, tense muscles. Kelly demonstrated, through her massage therapy, that she cares about providing an exceptional massage experience.

Aug 8, 2014

A wonderful and relaxing time
Kelly is an amazing massage therapist and a wonderful person. I would say my sessions are a 10. I am always excited to see her. Its the best 1.5 hours of the week! She is caring and warm. Her massage studio is comfortable, as is her massage table. Wonderful experience from start to finish.

Aug 5, 2014

A Healing Experience
I have been fortunate enough to have Kelly as my massage therapist for the past year and feel very blessed to have found her. She shows genuine concern for my well-being and provides a unique massage experience based on what my body needs that day. Her office has a very relaxing atmosphere and I leave our sessions feeling healed and rejuvenated every time.

Jacob Korb
July 6, 2014

CranioSacral Magic
The session that I received from Kelly was phenomenal. I felt listened to, respected, and genuinely cared for. Her office space is beautiful, and my needs were expertly addressed. Kelly is the skilled professional with a wise heart to fuel her work. I highly recommend her for truly integrative care that heals on every level---physical to soul.

Kristen K
June 20, 2014

I have been under Kelly's expert care for 3 years. She is nurturing, kind and her massage is simply amazing. My week is not complete unless I have spent time with Kelly. Without question a session to look forward to.

Nancy G
May 29, 2014

A Great Massage Experience
I have been coming for years to Kelly for my fibromyalgia, and this may have been my best massage session yet. I really like how she listens to my concerns before the massage and I never feel rushed. Kelly also really tailors the massage towards my needs and seems to incorporate new techniques a lot of the time that only serve to improve the massage. The atmosphere is pleasant, and I am very appreciative and fortunate to have her as my massage therapist.

Stephen S.
May 9, 2014

Kelly is a unique massage therapist in the truest sense of the word. Kelly's brilliant training in Portugal combines several techniques including energetic ones and in the skilled hands that Kelly possesses, the experience is healing on all levels; Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Kelly has the heart of a true healer, the skill of a master , and the healing hands of an Angel. But what makes her truly unique is that Kellys hands are listening hands, she works in harmony with my body, and instinctively knows what my body needs in each session. The depth of Kelly's work is truly remarkable and one that has been a blessing in my life.

Jo Twiss RN, BSN, MFA
Rubenfeld Synergist

I highly recommend Kelly as a massage therapist. She is excellent! Kelly is a blessed combination of wonderful hands, a sensitive touch, amazing energy work, a caring heart, and a very intuitive capacity to understand people. She is grounded, a true holistic practitioner, and the best part is that she gets excellent lasting results!

I gladly refer my patients, family and friends to her for their massage needs

Therese C. Taylor, P.T.
CranioSacral Therapist
Owner and President
Professional Physical Therapy Services, Inc.
(215) 860-2888


After my recent retirement from college teaching, my to-do list included world travel, learning Argentine tango, and experiencing some "body work." The travel is broadening and dancing tango intoxicating, but it is the integrative massage sessions with Kelly Connolly that have proved the most surprisingly rewarding.

At age 61, and not a touchy-feely guy, I had never had a massage. And my wife (among others), as a long-time massage aficionado, insisted that Kelly is the best. So, with some hesitancy, I put myself in her hands for just a short half-hour massage. The rest is history.

Once I began to relax a bit, I found the massage a newfound pleasure. The nice little studio with its candles and music is an experience in itself. Beyond that, I've discovered that my understanding of what was normal for my body just ain't so. Regular integrative body work has enhanced my physical and mental well-being tremendously.

As we used to say back in my Brooklyn neighborhood, whodathunk? Thank you, Kelly.

Myles Kelleher