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Integrative Bodywork Session

After carefully listening to your specific needs, you will enter into a tranquil therapy room. As you melt into the table, it will receive you while we prepare for your session. Your comfort is always our number one priority; we will adjust positions, temperatures, and sound levels before beginning. Your skin and senses will enjoy Aromatic Oils and Lotions as we Soulfully and with Listening Touch address your muscle, connective, and fascia tissues. However surface or deep your pain, tension, and stress lies, this work will touch the core of your discomfort through the use of swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, trigger point, craniosacral, fascia release, cryotherapy: hot stones, cold stones, and moist heat, stretching, and breathing.

60 minutes ……... $75
 75 minutes ……..  $95
 90 minutes ……..  $110
120 minutes …….. $150
180 minutes …….. $250

Individuals desiring regular therapy will benefit from Lotus Packages

Card of 3 $5 off each session
Card of 6 $10 off each session
Card of 10 $15 off each session

Restore and Renew Body Treatment

Detoxify your Body and Renew your Senses with this Signature Service. Your mind and body will receive the full benefit of a 90 minute Aromatic Integrative Bodywork Session after experiencing an Intense or Subtle Body Exfoliation in preparation for your skin and cellular body to welcome all of the Nourishing and Detoxifying elements of a Thermal Activated Clay or Algae Wrap.

150 minutes …….. $185

Full Body Exfoliation and Thermal Activated Wrap 

This service includes a Full Body Exfoliation of your choice in preparation for your Cellular Body to receive the Full Detoxifying and Re- Energizing benefits of a Thermal Activated Algae or Clay Wrap.

60 minutes ……..  $90


Full Body Dead Sea Exfoliation          

Melt away stress and rejuvenate the skin with a nourishing Dead Sea Salt and Pharmacological Grade Scrub. These scrubs are ideal for easing stress while detoxing, exfoliating and moisturizing; leaving skin silky smooth and glowing.

45 minutes ……. $65   

Hand and Foot Therapy

Enhance your Integrative Bodywork Session by having your tired, chapped, dry, callused, and hardworking Hands and Feet Massaged, Exfoliated, Wrapped in a high grade Moisturizer, and Melted in warm booties throughout the duration of your session.

30 minutes …… $55

Foot Scrub  

Enhance your Integrative Bodywork Session by having your Feet Massaged, Scrubbed, Softened, Exfoliated, Wrapped, and Melted in warm booties throughout the duration of your session.

15 minutes …….. $25

Back Polish 

Enhance your Integrative Bodywork Session by having your Back Polished and Nurtured with an Exfoliant of your choice.

15 minutes …….. $20



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